Reopening our indoor dining.

For the moment our restaurant hopes to remain mainly as an outdoor restaurant. However this is weather dependent and we will open indoors for those who can provide proof of vaccination especially in bad weather. We recommend ringing ahead to ensure availibility if you wish to dine indoors.

If you wish to be seated indoors, please remember:
▪ Customers will need to provide Proof of Immunity on arrival. Under 18s who are in the care of a parent or guardian in an indoor setting, currently do not require Proof of Immunity.
▪ Customers may also be asked to show photo ID to prove that the EU Digital COVID Certificate is theirs.
▪ Customers are still required to provide the name and contact number of the lead person or solo person at a table for contact tracing purposes with the exception of those under 18.
▪ On arrival, your host will scan your EU Digital COVID Certificate or you will be asked to present another proof of
▪ Once you’re on the premises, we ask that you sanitise your hands when entering or leaving the building, always wear your face mask when moving around, including when visiting the bathroom and practice physical distancing.
Visit hospitality for more information.

Thanks in advance, the Rivergate team.

*Please note the above is subject to change.